The NYSE’s project was to recreate their multiple web properties migrating from various legacy systems and add some portals with the Open Source CMS Drupal. The large team (100+) involved other companies, consultants and internal NYSE personnel. Our sub-team was responsible for up to 8 (out of 20+) sites. One intranet provided services/data to most if not all the other sites, making it a cornerstone of the total project. This was accomplished using custom modules, content types, views, features and contexts with ajax/json calls providing details to blocks in custom modules on the client sites. Update hooks were used to migrate changes from development environments to staging/Q&A then production. Views handlers were written to add what was needed and not provided by views naturally. Many form and node API hooks were written to produce the custom workflows required for internal users to administer the various content types in an expected manner. The project as a whole used Agile methodologies, daily scrums and bi-weekly review/planning sessions.

I served the NYSE floor for 27 years in various positions, ending my career in 2005. In 2010, being a 'good fit', I welcomed this opportunity to serve the exchange again, this time in a role that produced great satisfaction and my best experience yet developing the CMS Drupal.

Because of my lengthy experience, I was an integral part of the planning process and advised on the architecture to serve the community at large.